Christmas Tree Farm_3b.jpg

Christmas tree varieties:

Canaan Fir

Blue Spruce

White Spruce

Serbian Spruce

Engleman Spruce

Norway Spruce

Frasier Fir (limited quanitity)

 - Our precuts are freshly cut every week - 

Alpaca Gift Shop:

We carry an assortment of 100% alpaca and alpaca blend gloves, scarves, casual socks, dress socks, survival socks, hats, sweaters and skeins of yarn in natural alpaca colors (many come from our own alpacas!). We also carry various handmade holiday ornaments and other local products.

Alpaca is nature's warmest fiber. It is non-itchy, super soft and can be washed and dried with a conventional washer and dryer without shrinking. The socks and gloves are amazing!

Apple varieties:


Acey Mac

Golden Delicious



Northern Spy

Ida Red



Honeycrisp (limited in 2018)

Liberty (limited in 2018)

 - Our apples are grown using organic practices - 


We are New York State grown and certified